As we all struggle to find some normalcy during this pandemic, one of the main concerns many parents face is to find programming to help educate children who are missing school. So we thought we’d save you a little time and share the “8 best educational shows for kids,” according to Parents magazine. Here we go.  Ask the Storybots. The show follows the story of how some friendly, funny bots discover the answer to a "big question." The show has music videos, letter rhyming, songs, and field trips to different places within the episodes. Netflix, ages 3+ Julie’s Green Room. Julie Andrews plays a performing studio owner and stars alongside original puppets from the Jim Henson Company as she teaches kids all about putting on a stage show. Netflix, ages 4+ The Odd Squad. Solve mysteries with math skills! Kids will solve problems using addition, subtraction, fact families, and other grade-school math skills. PBS Kids, ages 5+ Annedroids. A tween girl is a science genius who loves to solve problems using her expertise in engineering and computer programming. Amazon Prime, ages 5+ Wild Kratts. In this animated series, kids are introduced to a variety of wild animal species and learn about science concepts such as animal behavior and habitats. PBS Kids, ages 6+ Brainchild. This science-inspired educational series uses experiments and creative presentations to teach about concepts like the senses, neurology, marine biology, and gravity, all at a level relatable for kids—especially tweens. Netflix, ages 7+ Mythbusters. Hosts Jon Lung and Brian Louden test crazy science experiments. Science Channel, ages 9+  Horrible Histories. Using a sketch-comedy structure, Horrible Histories puts a humorous spin on well-known historical events, famous people, and outdated customs. Streaming, ages 9+ Of course, you may have a list of other educational shows from your children’s school, too. And, after all that educational viewing, it may be time to put the television away for a while and take a break. One good way to do that is to enlist the help of a TVLiftCabinet. One touch of a button and your smart television is out-of-sight and out-of-mind. If you don’t have one, it might be time to take a look at some of the beautiful options to help you get the most from your home furnishings while you’re spending so much time at home.