If you’re like me, you have a staircase in the middle of your living space. Around the holidays, we adorn it with pine boughs and Easter egg lights. The rest of the year it’s just empty real estate, just waiting for its time to shine. Whether you’re in a condo or apartment with limited wall space, or in a two-story home where you’re trying to maximize limited wall space in family areas, the staircase offers some unique design options for your home.  Are you ready to take your staircase design space to a next level? Let’s get inspired…
  1. Mount your television directly to the stairway. Depending on the size you’re your television and the width of your stairway, you can actually mount your television on your staircase. Make sure you have strong mounting mechanism and there are no cords that could pose tripping problems.
  2. Place your TV Lift cabinet in front of the staircase. When space is at a premium, placing your TV Lift cabinet in front of the staircase may be a good design choice because it gives you maximum options for the space. In addition to providing much needed storage for electronics and cords, a TV Lift cabinet gives you plenty of viewing options. And, when not in use, it simply disappears. In addition to saving limited wall space for other personal items, you’re maximizing real estate that typically goes unused.
  3. Place your TV underneath the staircase. Whether you have a corner space under the stairs or wall space under the stairs, there are many different ways to maximize that space. 
There are dozens of design options to look at on Pinterest. Check out “televisions in front of staircases.” Once you mount your television to the staircase, it becomes a more permanent fixture in the space.  If you’d like more flexibility in your design, and decide to change things out throughout the year, head to TV Lift Cabinet for some inspiration. In addition to adding beauty and function to your space, the cabinets can easily be moved when you want to make a change.