A TV cabinet can totally transform your space.  And no, you don’t have to feel stuck with the idea of placing your TV lift cabinet in the living room. Something that is as cool and high on practicality makes the TV lift cabinet a very versatile piece of furniture that can be installed in any space you please! Here are our top 5 favorites.
  1. In the bedroom- Add a dash of luxury to life.  When at the end of the day, you are ready to throw yourself into bed, and can’t be bothered with watching TV in the living room and then drag yourself to your room.  Think of the convenience that the TV lift cabinet offers you every single day. These awesome TV lift cabinets are space savers and the End of the Bed TV lift cabinets are especially built to fit into tiny bedrooms.
  2. In the kitchen- Even if you are not a foodie, chances are that you spend considerable time in the kitchen.  And even more so if you are entertaining folks.  Conventionally, the kitchen is hardly a place for the TV, but not anymore!  A TV lift cabinet can make your TV pop up when you are waiting, and make it disappear whenever it gets too greasy in the kitchen.  You can place a standalone TV lift cabinet or even just have the lift mechanism placed inside the kitchen island.
  3. Between rooms- If you think placing a TV lift cabinet in a room is too mainstream, then consider using it as a divider between rooms.  A TV lift cabinet is an aesthetic way to draw a partition and demarcate spaces. The TV lift cabinet can be installed in a half-wall between say, the living and dining area.  Also, the 360 degree swivel feature adds to the versatility of the TV lift cabinets, and increases the range of viewing angle infinitely.  
  4. On the porch- This is a great option for those wanting to enjoy the weather outdoors, without missing out on their favorite shows.  An outdoor TV lift cabinet can comfortably be placed on the porch or the deck.  You can even have it fitted into the ceiling and have the TV slide out downwards. When you are done watching, use the remote to put away the TV, and all that remains is a surface that is flush with the rest of the ceiling. 
  5. By the poolside- This is the ultimate combination of convenience, luxury and style.  A TV lift cabinet by the poolside keeps the TV safe from splashes, while still letting you laze around and watch whatever, whenever you want to.  Turn on your staycation mode, with a simple press of a button.
  A TV lift cabinet itself is a modern piece of furniture that makes an impressive decor statement.  All you need to do is use your creativity and optimize your space, in jaw-dropping style.