There are times when you want your TV to disappear, but don’t know where to find the magical wand. Well, here’s the good news- you don’t need a wand. All you need is some motivation and some research on how to disguise your TV. We’ve got 7 different strategies for you to try. 1.)  Put it behind a panel- The easiest way to hide a big, black hole is to cover it up, not with a piece of cloth, but with a modern sliding panel. Whenever you want to watch TV, simply slide the panel away to one side, and when you want the TV gone, slide the panel in front of the TV. This works best when you have a bunch of shelves right next to the TV, because the panel will need space to slide around. With the TV out of sight, the attention then goes to the shelves. 2.)  Get attention away from the TV- Some designers feel that you don’t quite need to hide the TV, but need to strategize on getting the focus away from a visibly big TV. They feel that adding extra large accessories around the TV will draw attention away from the screen. An oversized work of art, or vase can help here. 3.)  Upcycle an old cabinet- Most of us have cabinets lying around the house. One such neglected cabinet can be upcycled to house the TV, so you can shut the cabinet doors when you want the TV to disappear, and open them up when you want to enjoy some screen time. Upcycling takes considerable time and skill though, and might not be worth the effort. 4.)  Order a Pop up TV Lift Cabinet- A pop up TV lift cabinet is an awesome option if you are trendy, tech-friendly, enjoy clutter free spaces and are not up to upcycling an old cabinet. All you need to do is select and order a TV lift cabinet, set it up within 15 minutes and make your TV appear and disappear at the touch of a button! A TV lift cabinet offers a practical solution to the big, black TV issue.  A TV lift cabinet is a versatile piece of furniture and also helps keep the gadgets and accessories organized. 5.)  Find a Framed TV- TV manufacturers are offering framed TVs that look like framed art work, except that they are actually fully functional TVs. When you power the TV mode off, the screen displays a painting. Turn it on, and you can watch it like a regular TV. You can make the TV switch between being a regular TV and matching the home decor! 6.)  Get creative- TVs don't always have to be mounted on the wall. If you have the space and the courage, go for creative solutions. An interesting idea is to place the TV on a tripod, almost like an easel on the stand. It will transform the TV into an aesthetically pleasing piece of art. Of course, you will need to be careful around the TV, but it looks great. 7.)  Magical Mirror- This is a home decor fix. The plan is to have the TV in an entertainment console and cover it up with a mirror. The mirror needs to be the retractable type, so that it can be moved up, to show the TV. When the TV is not in use, simply move the mirror down, right in front of the TV. The one important thing here is that the console should be an elaborate one, so that the mirror does not look odd on its own. The console should have the TV in the center and shelves on the sides. Only then will the mirror look well placed. When you consider all the options, it is clear that creative solutions and TV lift cabinets are very versatile ideas simply because you don’t need to fix the TV on the wall. You can move the TV to any part of the room without worrying about wall mount screw marks on the walls. Whatever you choose, hope you enjoy it!