Once a TV sneaks into your household you know it's there to stay, no matter how many times you want to see it gone. The only thing you can do is hide it. Put something on it, put it behind something or put it into something. You do have quite a handful of options, when it comes to hiding your TV. One idea is to let a vintage map unfurl right in front of the TV. If you have your measurements right, you could actually find a map that can completely cover the TV. So, people only see the interesting map, and have no clue about the TV hiding behind it!  One thing though, this idea works only for wall mounted TVs, and not for ones sitting on an entertainment console. That’d be more than a bit odd. If you do not have sufficient wall space, you could consider playing around with furniture.  Think of panels and doors, cabinets and wardrobes. Though not a very common idea, you could even house your TV inside your wardrobe and shut the door when you are done watching.  That way the big black screen won’t interfere with the aesthetics of your bedroom.  Of course it also means that you need to have your wardrobe well organized all the time, or the clutter will be distracting. When it comes to panels, entertainment consoles can be fitted with sliding panels that are meant to cover either the TV or when you are watching TV, they slide over something else, like display shelves.  Another variation of concealing panels is the TV mirror.  As soon as you power the TV off, it completely disappears and only the mirror remains, just like the regular mirror which shows your reflection.  The TV becomes a beautifully framed mirror above the mantelpiece.  And no trace of the TV whatsoever! Disguising TVs in cabinets is in vogue.  There are lots of ways you can use a cabinet to disguise the TV.  You could choose a cabinet that goes with the theme and decor of the room and quietly put the TV in it.  When you are ready to binge watch, open up the cabinet doors and enjoy.   If you do not quite enjoy shutting and opening up the doors manually each time you sit down to watch TV or are done watching, a TV lift cabinet is the perfect thing for you.  A TV lift cabinet saves you a lot of effort.  You can put your TV away or make it appear using the remote.  There is no need to get out of your comfy spot at all.  Why not use technology to make life more convenient?  If you do indeed want a cabinet, go for the TV lift cabinet with the pop-up system.  Simple operation and great convenience.  Plus it goes well with the feel of the rest of the room. Also, a TV lift cabinet gives you the advantage of placing the TV just about anywhere- at the foot of the bed, as a partition between two rooms or in a discreet corner.  The 360 degree swivel feature lets you watch it from just about any angel.  So, a TV lift cabinet adapts itself to your preferences quite easily. It’s there for you to order and put to good use.