Want to buy a TV lift cabinet but are confused?  Worried about disrupting the home layout or cramping up the space?  Got any more questions?  Let's clear the air about each of these common misconceptions about TV lift cabinets.
  1.  Too expensive-  When everything you do is for the family and yourself,  why not make a conscious decision to increase safety around the house?  Cut down on wires, and add a piece of furniture that is a one time buy,  sturdy enough to last you a lifetime.  A TV lift cabinet is one of those products that quietly hold their ground,  functioning smoothly, standing as a reminder of your love for the family.  After all, can you possibly put a price tag on safety?  Plus most families spend a lot of time being entertained by their TV, so why not invest in a great setup?
  2. Take up too much space- They sound huge, but the truth is that TV lift cabinets are great space savers.  It is at times the only way to fit a TV into a tiny room.  The End of Bed TV lift cabinets are super sleek and let you enjoy watching TV even in a room that hardly has any available wall space.
  3. Hard to install- Our TV lift cabinets come ready to install.  All it needs is 10 minutes of your time.  The installation is straightforward.  It'd probably be quicker than the time you need to get the dishes done after a meal!
  4. Complicate everything- Quite on the contrary, a TV lift cabinet simplifies things.  Since the cabinet is built to accommodate the TV, accessories, and other gadgets, its user-friendly construction lets you organize everything, putting the huge tangle of wires out of sight and still allowing easy access to each of the gadgets.  There are special access holes on the floor of the TV lift cabinet, for added convenience.  Also, you do not need to open the cabinet doors to turn the TV on or off.  The built-in infrared controller catches signals from the remote even through the shut doors, keeping your electronics safe and their operation smooth.
  5. Might disturb the decor- As a matter of fact, we build our TV lift cabinets keeping the existing decors in mind, which is why our TV lift cabinets are available in a range of colors, textures, and themes.  TV lift cabinets are available in white, grey, brown, cherry, black, and also in a range of shades within these color categories.  There are modern cabinets, and those suitable for a country look, some that can be placed anywhere indoors, some built to handle the outdoors, and yet others that are an awesome fit in tight spaces.  Basically, we have something for everyone, no matter what their tastes and preferences are!
  6. Trends might change- That depends on the validity of concepts like human safety, gadget care, practical solutions and space saving.  Until the time these concepts do not go out of fashion, your buy can never become outdated.  And may we mention that these are evergreen aspects that we humans tend to focus on, generation after generation.
  Now that these doubts have been cleared, you can go ahead and order your TV lift cabinet today!