Everyone needs to buy furniture once in a while, yet it isn't something you'd buy everyday.  So why do people really need to buy furniture?   
  1. For life events- Major life events come with major changes as well.  So, if you are shifting out of home for studies or work, getting married, or having a baby, you will definitely need appropriate furniture to deal with these events and phases.  The furniture at a bachelor’s place is a lot different from that at a couple’s. 
  2. For greater practicality- Some pieces of furniture lose their usefulness with time.  For instance, when the baby outgrows the crib, there’s just so much you can do with it.  At best you can use it to dump stuff into, but that’ll soon become an eyesore.  Eventually you will need to get rid of it even if it is a convertible crib.  In fact Covid-19 has seen households spend a considerable amount on adapting common areas like the family room, by adding flexible seating and space-saving entertainment systems, housed in TV lift cabinets. This space has emerged as the most used area of the house and is the new work and fun zone for everyone.
  3. During upgrades- When trends change, the furniture either needs to be adapted or changed.  Upholstery can be redone, or accessories added.  But when you have major space upgrades like moving into a new home or giving your home or even a room a makeover, the old furniture can well find its way out.  Of course you can keep the coffee table and get the couches upholstered, or leave them both alone and opt for a sleeker home office desk, or even add a TV lift cabinet to maximize the fun, yet keep distractions in check.  Upgrades need a lot of planning and thought, so that the new look emerges as an aesthetic whole, and does not look like a space that has been tardily put together.  So, choose your pieces wisely.
  4. For the feel-good factor- And then there are times when you neither need an upgrade or a change, but you definitely wish to spruce up your space.  That is when you do some feel-good shopping for furniture.  This can be a stand alone piece of furniture like a TV lift cabinet, an ornate dresser, a set of vintage armchairs, a classic coffee table in your new cozy corner, or anything that makes you happy.  All those who enjoy furniture collections are the feel-good buyers, and so are most Christmas shoppers.
  5. For greater comfort and safety- This is often the reason that many people tend to overlook.  That's because different members of the family have different ideas of 'comfort'.  What's comfortable for one may be unnecessary for the others.  Yet, when it comes to safety, there isn't much scope for debate.  No amount of safety, of humans and gadgets both, is enough, especially when it comes to accidents.  All rickety furniture, like beds, couches and broken chairs need to be fixed or replaced, and the possibility of accidents reduced.  Getting a TV lift cabinet is a great way to keep your gadgets and wires safe, and avoid tripping accidents. 
If you had to buy something, what would be your reason for it? It could even be a bunch of reasons put together.