As strange as it sounds, TV lifts cabinets are a cool option to consider when you want to upgrade, but are stuck with tight spaces. It is all too easy to go overboard with small spaces, but the result is neither aesthetic nor functional. All you then have is a room full of clutter and potential tripping hazard. The challenge here is to optimize the space while still adding to the decor.  This is where the TV lift cabinet comes in. Many people opt for the TV lift cabinet because their bedroom is small. The most common problem here is the lack of wall space. A TV lift cabinet completely eliminates the need to put the TV up on the wall. It is a standalone piece of furniture that can be pushed into any corner, or, if you want to save even more space, go in for the "End of the bed" type of TV lift cabinet The "End of the bed" cabinets are more streamlined and meant to occupy lesser space than the regular ones. It is not mandatory to place them at the end of the bed, but many customers prefer it that way. You can put it anywhere you want to. These cabinets are slimmer, even though they also come with storage. As a matter of fact, all TV lift cabinets work as space savers, and keep the TV and other gadgets contained. The TV lift cabinet also gets rid of messy wires, so your space is all clear. Also, you can enjoy the luxury of putting your TV out of sight and make sure that it is not the main feature of a small bedroom.  In a nutshell, a TV lift cabinet is the perfect choice for those who like modern furniture, value de-cluttered spaces and who desperately want a TV in their bedroom. Now you don't have to compromise on your desires, especially when it is something as basic as wanting to watch TV from the comfort of your bed!