Thinking of buying a TV lift cabinet to go with your modern decor? Check out these awesome pieces.
  1. The Andover Grey 360 Swivel TV Lift Cabinet is extremely modern, with a minimalist feel. Beautifully crafted by Amish craftsmen, this TV lift cabinet has 7 color variants.  This one is a soothing grey, and boasts of an exquisite finish. It gets its sturdiness from the laminated maple wood used.  It has the 360 degree swivel feature that adds to its versatility. You can place it wherever you want to, and just turn its face towards yourself, to get a comfortable watching angle.  No strained necks at all.  
  2. The Azura 360 Degree Swivel in White Finish TV Lift Cabinet is made of American hard maple and speaks volumes about taste.  Finished to perfection, this TV lift cabinet is also for the minimalists. The doors do not have any over-ornate knobs or accessories. The beauty of the piece lies in the choice of the wood used. Both designed and manufactured in America itself, the highest quality and levels of craftsmanship have been maintained in this TV lift cabinet. 
  3. The Clubside in Espresso Finish TV Lift Cabinet is for those who are modern and like to spice up things a bit.  Made from solid maple wood, this  TV lift cabinet clearly displays the charming natural wood stains.  The wood has a great feel to it, that is further accentuated by oversized curved metallic handles.  A good buy for the modernists who like to stand out.
  4. The Outdoor TV Lift Cabinet in Mahogany Finish is a high-end piece of furniture that is built robustly, to handle the outdoors.  Its rich natural color and texture will remain intact despite harsh weather changes.  This TV lift cabinet is for those who wish to take outdoor entertainment to the next level.  The outdoor casters make moving the TV lift cabinet a breeze. Place it wherever you want to. Watch your favorite game while you enjoy the outdoors.  For added thrill, you can access your Apple or android apps on the TV even when you are outdoors.  This TV lift cabinet is the perfect mood enhancer during a pool party as well.
  5. The Petite in Medium Brown Finish TV Lift Cabinet is the result of our endeavor to maximize space utilization. This TV lift cabinet is the smallest of all our TV lift cabinets and is built specifically for small spaces. Its minimalist design adds a strong dose of sophistication without compromising on the existing decor of the room.  A no-frills and high-utility addition, this TV lift cabinet is a smart long-term buy.
All our cabinets come fully assembled.   You can also send in a request for wood color samples to get a hands-on feel of the texture and color of the cabinet. All you now need to do is figure out which TV lift cabinet suits your space the best. Happy shopping!