Looking to upgrade your entertainment space? Why settle for something as mainstream as  a media console or a media dresser?  Consider buying a hidden TV lift cabinet.  Here are a few reasons that will make the purchase worth it.
  1. Space saving designs-  Hidden TV lift cabinets are designed to save space, just like the regular media consoles, except that the media consoles are much wider and spread out than the hidden TV lift cabinetsHidden TV lift cabinets give you the flexibility to use your entertainment centre as the focal point of your room,  or to simply allow the attention to go to other parts, furniture pieces, or even art pieces in the room.  A hidden TV lift cabinet is not overbearing and  so, you are not stuck with the monstrosity of the furniture. The choice to highlight it or not, is completely yours. 
  2. Cut the clutter- The main purpose of organization is to declutter your space.  That means getting rid of all unnecessary objects like wires and gadgets, or at least hiding them away.  However many media consoles come without a backing; so, though you have organized your things, the clutter will still show up from behind, even if it is all tied up using zip ties. This means that your choice is now restricted to media consoles that come with  a backing. Our hidden lift TV cabinets offer you a permanent solution to the problem. All our hidden TV lift cabinets  have a backing that discreetly puts all your wires out of sight.
  3. Gadget protection and accessibility-  Media consoles typically have an open design. The storage space is on open shelves. Our hidden TV lift cabinets come with  sufficient storage space for all your gadgets behind the closed cabinet doors, keeping your electronics safe from dust and possible grease.  Also, you will not need to open the cabinet doors each time you need to watch TV.  All our hidden TV lift cabinets have inbuilt infrared receivers,  which means that you can use the remote to pull out or put away the TV without even having to open the cabinet.  This  feature will increase the life of your gadgets and the cabinet itself, without compromising on accessibility.
  4. Placement-  Media consoles typically need to be placed against a wall.  This is luckily, not a requirement for hidden TV lift cabinets. Hidden TV lift cabinets are more adaptable in terms of placement and can be placed anywhere from the foot of the bed to the space between two rooms or even regularly against a wall.  You have the flexibility to choose where you want  it placed. 
  5. Modern- Media consoles have now become too mainstream,  unlike hidden TV lift cabinets that are modern and  trendy.  They are not only multi functional like the consoles but come packed with a lot more features than the consoles. Hidden TV lift cabinets are practicality, electronic safety, and modernity, all rolled into one product.
A good upgrade  is one that solves all your purposes, offers you a permanent solution to the problems that you face,  is long lasting while still being versatile.  This is exactly what a hidden TV lift cabinet offers and a media console does not. If you are spending money  on an upgrade, it had better be worth it!