What is freestanding furniture? Freestanding furniture includes all those pieces of furniture that simply need to be placed rather than fixed to the floor or the walls.  It includes all the stuff that needs no bolting or screwing in.  Think bookshelves,  storage cabinets,  media consoles,  and even hidden TV lift cabinets.  Inbuilt wardrobes are not freestanding because they are fixed to the wall.  What makes freestanding furniture so fancy? Freestanding furniture is trending simply because they let you make the most out of your space and decor.  They offer a lot of versatility in terms of styling.  For instance, you can easily move a hidden TV lift cabinet or an ornate chest of drawers from one part of the room to another, or if you please, to another room altogether.  Now imagine doing that with a shelf that has been installed on your living room wall.  There is no way you can remove the shelf without leaving holes in the wall.  That is precisely the advantage of having freestanding furniture.  It does not claim any part of the house as its permanent spot.  Instead it allows you a lot of freedom when it comes to decor.   Freestanding furniture opens up a lot of possibilities, in terms of visual play, because you can change the setting in the room as and when you please, to give it a completely fresh look.  It is especially suitable for those with a creative eye, a keen aesthetic sense and a desire to experiment. Freestanding furniture pieces like a hidden TV lift cabinet or an antique cabinet easily lend themselves to the mix and match look.  They fit in very well with a look that has been tastefully put together.  They work well as the focal point of the room too. Also, freestanding furniture like hidden TV lift cabinets can come in very handy in creating pseudo- partitions between spaces.  For instance, a hidden TV lift cabinet placed between the living room and the kitchen can help you demarcate both the spaces without having to put in anything permanent. They can quite effectively and simply, define spaces, and then if you don't like it you can move it.  Or if you are moving to a new place,  you can pretty much take your freestanding pieces along,  quite unlike your inbuilt cabinets that belong right there and unfortunately stay there too. Your super cool bookshelves or that chic hidden TV lift cabinet can conveniently tag along. So, if you want to splurge on furniture and not regret having to leave it behind, freestanding pieces are definitely the way to go!