The lasting effects of the pandemic continue to influence home decor trends. Certain types of furniture, particularly the multi-purpose segment, which includes space savers like hidden TV lift cabinets, study tables, coffee tables with storage, etc.,  have become very relevant.  The logic is quite clear, as is the verdict of the customers- that changing times demand changes at home. 
  1. New furniture- With remote work and online studies becoming a necessity rather than a choice,  households have had to undergo changes to make space for everyone.   Previously unused areas have been converted into usable home offices and  study areas.  This new arrangement has opened up the mindset to a little bit of experimentation with new furniture,especially the kind that serves more than one purpose,  like the hidden TV lift cabinets that are suitable for any space. 
  2. Clutter- Since the hidden TV lift cabinet takes charge of the TV, the gadgets, the accessories and the wiring, it clears the clutter in the room and helps create more available space.  This optimization of space makes it a good investment that serves a practical purpose. It also helps ‘relocate’ the TV to other rooms as and when you please.
  3. Productivity- Statistics showed that initially remote working increased productivity levels. However, a recent study by Microsoft has challenged that perception. Evidently, remote work fatigue has steadily seeped into the picture. The reasons are many.  Understandably work can get boring and when there is a TV around, one is more than tempted to ditch the computer screen and switch to the TV screen.  This applies to children as well.  Here is where the hidden TV lift cabinet can help.  By stashing the TV away, you are effectively reducing the chances of distraction and so,  improving the productivity of both kids and adults.
  4. Need to define spaces/ partitions- With a lot of shuffling and  rearranging of spaces to try and give everyone a designated area for work or study, demarcations have become blurry.  The need of the hour is to be able to hang onto these makeshift arrangements and yet define the spaces. The hidden TV lift cabinet works very well as a partition between spaces, effectively dividing the area into desired sub-areas.  And the best part is that it is not permanent, since the hidden TV lift cabinet can be carted off  to just about any other part of the house.
As times change, trends evolve.  Yet, it is the most practical ones that tend to stick around and not simply fade away. The hidden TV lift cabinet is one such sturdy product that is bound to prove its worth through the years.