The “openness” of open floor layouts can be quite intimidating, and so you need to break the monotony.  One of the most convenient ways of doing so is by setting up a divider to create separate spaces. There are tons of smart ideas that you can use.
  1. Panels- Panels are an effective way to divide a large space into smaller spaces. Panels are not nearly as defining as walls, but function very well as partitions. They come in an entire range of materials including wood, bamboo, and glass. Panels are semi-permanent in the sense that they need a little bolting either into the walls, the ceiling, or the floor. Still, they offer a lot of variety in terms of design and even alignment.  
  2. Sliding glass doors- Sliding glass doors are used to create much more defined spaces than panels can. They also cut out sound to some extent, making the partition a lot more effective. The panels can be clear glass or frosted glass, depending on the degree of privacy  you require. 
  3. Screens- Screens are available in a huge range. They are typically made of fabric, but also come in leather and recycled polyester. The basic ones are monochromes but have superb sound-absorbing powers. The purely aesthetic ones are more culturally inclined, with the favorites being South Asian screens, and are mainly visually functional. Screens could be suspended or freestanding.
  4. Curtains- Curtains are often used to demarcate spaces. They work best if they are extra high. The brave often suspend strings of beads from a height as well. As see-through as they may be, they still manage to work as space dividers. 
  5. A bookshelf or two- A single bookshelf or a pair of bookshelves can make great room dividers. They are useful, offer both storage and display space and help define spaces. If placed against a wall, they only exist as bookshelves, but when placed on the open floor, they double up as partitions.
  6. A TV lift cabinet- A hidden TV lift cabinet is not as high as any of the other room partitions, but is extremely versatile and multi functional. A hidden TV lift cabinet is a freestanding piece of furniture that gives the impression of a 'half-wall. For instance, the dining and living rooms can easily be set apart by simply placing a hidden TV lift cabinet between the two spaces. What's more, the hidden TV lift cabinet does not require any drilling into the floor or the ceiling. If you want to 'open up' the space, all you need to do is cart the hidden TV lift cabinet away. 
No matter what kind of layout you have, you’ll get tons of ideas on our site. Read on to know more.