If you think our TV lift mechanism are meant only for TVs, you’re in for a big surprise. Read on to know what Doug at Artfully Rogue did with the lift! You can watch the video here. Out of an entire range of TV lift mechanism sizes (from 25 to 46  inches), Doug chose a 25-inch lift for his project. The sturdiness of each lift is unbeatable, letting you choose whichever size you want, without any anxiety. Of course, common sense and specified weight limits are the only considerations.  The motor and controller come ready to use. You don’t need any assembling. The mounting kit also contains screws to mount the TV onto the lift mechanism, but that is if you want to use it as a TV lift mechanism. Doug clearly had other plans. Doug used metal tubing to make legs and rails. Next, he welded it all together to make a frame. Once the frame of the cabinet was made, he placed a metallic plate at the bottom, making a sturdy base, to place the TV lift mechanism on. Another metallic plate was used to hide the lift mechanism from the front view and some to cover the sides. Some beautiful stained wood, customized brackets, and rails later, everything came together as a fancy bar cabinet with some bottles on display. But that's not it. The showstopper is the secret bar compartment that the TV lift mechanism raises and brings into the spotlight! It’s the kind of thing that adds zing to your home decor. Like we said earlier, a TV lift mechanism isn't just for the TV! You can use it as a base for your projects. There's no limit to creativity! Check out our range of TV lift mechanisms and TV lift cabinets at TVLiftCabinet.com. Cheers to your next project.