What do you do when you can’t stand the black hole of a TV at home? Or when the side profile of the TV on the wall looks horribly ugly? Obviously, you can’t just take the TV off the wall and be done with it. You simply need a TV when you want to watch it.  It is precisely when you are stuck with such a problem that the TV lift mechanism comes in to save the day (and the TV and your peace of mind)! Amy from HerToolBelt just couldn’t stand the sight of the TV on the wall. She used our TV lift mechanism to solve the problem. As awesome as she is with tools, Amy created a cabinet with sliding barn doors. This cabinet features a hidden compartment. It is here that the TV lift mechanism is placed with the TV mounted onto it. So, what looks like a charming living room cabinet, secretly contains the TV and is a hidden TV lift cabinet! You can watch the entire video here   The takeaways from this project are:
  1. Enjoying the charm of the decor- A modern gadget like a TV doesn’t really go well with a country-themed barn door cabinet. The TV lift mechanism works perfectly well to put the TV away and not let it interfere with the feel of the space. The clash between aesthetics and practicality is avoided altogether.
  2. Keeping attention off the TV- Also, it isn’t right to let the TV take away the attention that the cabinet and its work(wo)manship deserves. Other furniture pieces should be the focus of the room, since they add more character to the space than a sterile TV possibly can.
  3. No ugly views- You don’t need to have the side profile of the TV visible all the time. In fact, you don’t even need to have the TV up on display all day long. Simply use a button on the remote control to pop up the TV when needed and another click of the button will neatly put it out of sight, right into the hidden TV lift cabinet.
[embed]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zznQVDDEOQg[/embed]   If you aren’t the DIY type but would love to have a hidden TV lift cabinet at home or in the office, you could browse through our range of hidden TV lift cabinets. Feel free to reach out to us with any questions. In the meantime, happy TV watching!