Spring cleaning isn’t just about clearing the clutter. You just need to pay close attention to discover stuff about your home and your life.  Here are 4 problems that spring cleaning can help you uncover:
  1. The actual status of your wardrobe- Most of us buy clothes and accessories right through the year and it’s only when we get down to spring cleaning that we realize how much stuff we’ve collected over the years. But that isn’t even the problem. The real problem is having tons of stuff, but only a fraction that’s in use. So, look through your wardrobe and identify stuff that you should really be giving away, to actually clean up the space (and make room for new stuff)!
  2. The grand collection of old phones- Technology changes rapidly, and so do our tastes and with it, our phones. And what do we do with the old mobiles? Just put them away somewhere, until spring cleaning, when we discover that put together, there are many such mobiles unnecessarily taking up room in a drawer. The solution- get rid of them as and when you need to upgrade!
  3. Tons of paperwork- Chances are that you’ll find some paperwork here, and some there, and together it morphs into a sizable pile. Of course, you’ve been falling behind the regular sorting, but here’s your chance to fix it. Put them all in a box and dedicate some time each afternoon sorting it. If you begin the sorting while you are on your spring cleaning mission, you’ll never finish either task. Lesson learned- look through the papers at least once a month.
  4. Entangled wires behind the TV- This is a real nightmare and one that surfaces in most homes. There are so many wires behind the TV that you are almost scared to mess with them and do some cleaning there. What if something gets disconnected? That’d be another headache. So, what do we do about it? Take the risk and go ahead with the cleaning anyway? Or just leave out that corner, and all other corners that have TVs or electronic devices? Well, the solution is to get a bit organized with the wiring. Consider a hidden TV lift cabinet. The hidden TV lift cabinet is a great piece of furniture that is both trendy and practical. It can house your TV, all the cables, and also other devices used with the TV. So, you have a clean, modern, and aesthetically pleasing TV corner!
Spring cleaning is the time when you can identify the sore points and actually work on them and eventually fix them. That is effective spring cleaning- putting in effort to make life better!