Anything that saves you room and gives you flexibility becomes an asset, just like the TV lift mechanism. The TV lift mechanism, coupled with the creative ideas from Wood.Work.LIFE. can make life so much easier. These ideas score high on practicality without compromising on aesthetics. You can watch the video here.  The folks at Wood.Work.LIFE. built a utility cart with tools and a hidden P.C. monitor. If you are a business owner you certainly need a PC. It is impossible to work without a system that keeps track of everything from supplies, sales, to deliveries, and so on. If you need a system, obviously you also need space to set it up. That means a particular portion of your counter space is permanently dedicated to the computer. There’s nothing you can do about it even if you need that space for something else.   But what if you could make the monitor disappear and have all the wires gone, so you have a perfectly clear counter space to do whatever you need to? That is exactly what this project is all about. The monitor was mounted on a TV lift mechanism that is controlled by a remote controller. So, whenever you need to use the monitor, simply make it pop up with the touch of a button, and whenever you need to do away with it, to make space for something else again just touch a button. That is how simple creating extra space is. Our TV lift mechanisms are robustly built and can handle screens that are from 19’’ to 32’’ to 65’’- 82’’ in size.  [embed][/embed] Yet another cool feature of this project is that the entire cart is built on wheels and can be comfortably moved to any part of the shop. That’s a double win-win! And taking creativity a step further, the cart also has a secret storage space for the seat. So, you drag the cart anywhere, pull out the utility cart stool and get your work done. For more ideas on how to use a TV lift mechanism, check out our other blog posts.