What do you do when your bedroom is all good, but your TV is too low? Well, if you are a DIY enthusiast, you do what Mike from Modustrial Maker did– build a concrete countertop and stash away a hidden TV lift mechanism underneath, that conveniently appears at the touch of a button! The concrete is unique and the TV mounted on the hidden TV lift mechanism is magical. Couldn’t have been a better mix of style and practicality, while having fun with a creative project. You can watch the video here, for detailed information.  The most common problems of having a TV in the bedroom are:
  1.  Lack of space- If you have a TV on a dresser or a cabinet, placing anything else on the top gives a very cluttered look. Not the best thing for a bedroom, which is ideally supposed to give you a ‘peace of mind’ feel. A hidden TV lift mechanism or a hidden TV lift cabinet fixes that problem by simply putting the TV away when you aren’t watching it. 
  2. Focus on the TV- More often than not, the focus of a bedroom is the TV. The black hole hogs the limelight for all the wrong reasons. It interferes with the decor of the bedroom and also reduces the chances of having meaningful conversations, making life monotonous. Again, the hidden TV lift mechanism or a hidden TV lift cabinet comes to your rescue.
  3. Awkward viewing angle- It is annoyingly uncomfortable when your TV is placed at a height that makes the viewing angle very awkward. You end up watching TV through your feet, and no, that just isn’t fun. The solution- use a hidden TV lift mechanism or a hidden TV lift cabinet to adjust the height of the TV and also the viewing angle. The 360 degrees turning hidden TV lift mechanism will fix all your viewing angles and give you tremendous flexibility even in a small space. 
There are enough instructions and information on how to use a  hidden TV lift mechanism to build your own hidden TV lift cabinet, but if you don’t have the time, look through our range of hidden TV lift cabinets. Any questions- call us at 877-377-5435 or get us on the live chat on our website https://www.tvliftcabinet.com/ Happy to help fix your room (and your leisure life)!