There are some factors to consider before you buy a hidden TV lift cabinet. Other than its look and feel, its features need to be taken into account, so that you do not end up buying the wrong piece of furniture.
  1. Size- The size of your TV will undoubtedly sway your choice. Obviously, you cannot fit a big TV into a small TV lift cabinet. You can manage the other way around, but we wouldn’t recommend you do that either. Many manufacturers use specific lift sizes. That means that mounting a small TV onto a big TV lift cabinet will not give you the kind of fit the manufacturer intended. Also, it is a sheer waste of space. Afterall, a TV lift cabinet is meant to save you space, not take up extra room
  2. Swivel- Depending on where you intend to place the hidden TV lift cabinet, you may or may not require the swivel feature. If you are certain that the hidden TV lift cabinet will be placed right in front of the audience, you needn't worry about the swivel, but if it is going to need a change of viewing angle, you need to consider not just this factor, but also the kind of swivel you want. You could opt for a hidden TV lift cabinet with manual swivel or electric swivel. The electric swivel is remote controlled and makes life a tad bit easier.  You can make the TV face you no matter which direction you are in; that’s the beauty of the TV lift being able to turn a complete 360 degrees, at the touch of a button.
  3. Storage space-  All hidden TV lift cabinets come with some storage space. The full-sized ones have more space than the Foot-of-the-Bed TV lift cabinets, while the petite series has even lesser room. The point is stay organized and keep all gadgets hidden from sight. At the very basic, a hidden TV lift cabinet has enough room to put your TV’s receiver box in one of its panels. The roomier models have space for a sound bar as well as some gaming accessories. Here too, it is for you to decide what gadgets or accessories you want to fit in the hidden TV lift cabinet.
  4. Accessibility- Never underestimate accessibility, because it is extremely important at the time of installation of your hidden TV lift cabinet and when you need something checked or fixed. Look for access holes on the floor of the hidden TV lift cabinet. Also, check if there are access holes on the sides. The location and size of the access holes will determine the ease with which you can get the wires in. Though these holes are not visible to anyone casually admiring the hidden TV lift cabinet, it is important for the buyer to know precisely what they are paying for.
  5. Casters- Given the fact that it is made of wood, the hidden TV lift cabinet can get quite heavy and difficult to move. Fortunately, hidden TV lift cabinets come wheeled. These heavy duty casters are quite useful in helping you move the hidden TV lift cabinet from one spot to another, and even across rooms.
  6. Origin- This is a matter of personal choice, but we consider it an important factor too. Many people stop to check the country of origin of various products. Most of our craftsmen are veterans, and American. If you are looking for a “Made in America” TV lift cabinet, rest assured that  you won’t be disappointed with us.
  We hope this post helps you make an informed decision. If you need any help, we are just a mail away!