Humans use technology to make their lives easier. This applies to all fields, right from transport, to work, to our homes. Here we have shortlisted some modern techs must-haves that deserve your attention. Motorized blinds and shades- You needn’t go all over the house opening and shutting the blinds each morning and evening. Motorized blinds and shades make things a lot easier and come with added benefits too. There is an entire range of such blinds available, so you are not stuck with a few options. You can choose from roller blinds, cellular blinds, faux wood blinds, and so on. They come with multiple controls like the wall controls installed in the room, the handy remote control, and even an app on your phone. You can program the blinds to open and close at specified times. The advantages? Well, you are free from the monotony of handling the blinds day in and day out, the blinds are free from manual handling, and so undergo less wear and tear and if used judiciously, they can actually help you slash your electric bills!  Motorized massage chairs or recliners- After a long workday, the body demands relaxation. You may or may not have the time or energy to jump into the shower and rejuvenate yourself, but you will certainly be thrilled to plonk into a massage chair, use the remote and let yourself loose. Motorized massage chairs help fight muscle fatigue, improve blood circulation, reduce stress, and help you be more productive. Motorized recliners cannot pamper you as much as the massagers, but they are great if you need to just relax or are fond of falling asleep watching TV or need help getting on your feet. These recliners offer support at various angles and reduce the effort you need to put in, to stand up. It is ideal for seniors, but enjoyed by others too. Hidden TV lift cabinets- The hidden TV lift cabinet is one of those additions to the home that insists on helping you enjoy life. With one touch of the button, you can have the TV slink away into the hidden TV lift cabinet, or emerge from it. Also, since the hidden TV lift cabinet keeps the TV contained within, there are lesser chances of the TV getting dirty kid hand prints, or greasy. It saves you time on cleaning up as well.  Imagine having to manually open up your garage door each time you need to park the car in, or step out. Now think of the pure bliss of having everything on your fingertips. One button sorts things out so efficiently. It’s the same with the other motorized aspects of the home. After all, aren’t we working so hard to enjoy a better and more comfortable life?