Buying furniture is challenging. There’s just so much choice and no amount of market research seems enough.  Here are a few tips that can make your task a little easier: Consider the general aesthetics- Will the piece fit in well with your plans? If you are using the new piece of furniture as a focal point, it should stand out, rather than merge into the background. If you are looking for something that is in continuation with the rest of the decor, consider the colors and textures to make sure that it doesn’t stand out too conspicuously. Some pieces of furniture are highly versatile, like a hidden TV lift cabinet that can add value to any room, simply because it is available in such a large range that you only need to figure out where to place it, and the hidden TV lift cabinet will lend itself to your decor. A woody hidden TV lift cabinet can quietly hide the TV, while a hidden TV lift cabinet with metallic accents can add some jazz to the room.  Get the dimensions right-Those moving from an apartment into a home often mess up here. They feel that whatever looked great in the apartment, would look good in the home too, but that is not always true. Open layout homes have a lot more space, and so, the choice and size of the new furniture need a lot of thought.  You might need to add another rectangular table to make the room look a little filled up. On the other hand, do not go all out and buy furniture that is too big for your space. You need to measure your space and have a fair idea of what the ideal size would be. Returns and refunds aren't exactly fun. Opt for multi functional pieces- Multi functional furniture is the ‘in’ thing. They simply are more practical, save up room, and have greater utility. A crib is a good example of multi functional furniture. A convertible baby crib/toddler bed will serve you longer than an infant bassinet. A hidden TV cabinet is multi functional too, but in a different way. It functions as a place where you can store your TV, accessories, all gadgets, and also the wires. Yet, that isn’t the only way to use it. You can use a hidden TV lift cabinet as a room divider or to demarcate space simply by placing it strategically. So, multi functional pieces of furniture give you additional styling flexibility. Assess the safety quotient- Is the piece of furniture safe for your house and family? For example, glass side tables are an extremely unsafe idea for a household with babies, because babies want to hold onto all surfaces when they are learning to stand and walk. Similarly, freestanding ladder-type bookshelves prepped up against the wall are not safe with kids around. On the contrary,  a hidden TV cabinet is a great idea for homes with pets, babies, and seniors too. A hidden TV cabinet will keep all the gadgets out of babies’ reach, all wires out of the way of pets, and save seniors from tripping accidents. The next time you want to go furniture shopping, keep these tips in mind, and do let us know if the tips did come in handy!