So you’ve made up your mind to buy a hidden TV lift cabinet, but don’t know which one to select?  Take a quick look at these pointers to understand what exactly needs to be considered when buying a hidden TV lift cabinet for your home.
  1. The decor- A hidden TV lift cabinet is not something that you can hide away in a corner. It hides the TV, but is evidently visible itself. On the contrary, many people use it as the focal point of the room. That is why it is important that the color, texture, and style of the hidden TV lift cabinet fits in well with the decor of the room. A modern hidden TV lift cabinet will hardly be a good fit in a classic, country themed room. Similarly, a traditional hidden TV lift cabinet will be out of place in a modern living room.
  2. Placement- You need to have a fair idea of where you want to place the hidden TV lift cabinet because that will help you figure out the type of hidden TV lift cabinet you need to buy. If you need to place your hidden TV lift cabinet at the end of the bed, consider the space saving End-of-the-Bed TV lift cabinets. These ones are sleek and aim at saving space in your bedroom. A step ahead is our petite line. that consists of the sleekest TV lift cabinets and are built to sneak into super tight spaces. The outdoor TV lift cabinets are the sturdiest ones that can handle all sorts of  weather. If space is not a constraint, you do not necessarily have to consider the width of the hidden TV lift cabinets.  However, placing an indoor hidden TV lift cabinet outside on the porch is certainly not recommended. 
  3. Finish- Some  TV lift cabinets are finished on all four sides, while some unfinished. Unfinished means that it is finished (with wood stain and/or polish) on three sides, and not the rear. If you are more than sure that the hidden TV lift cabinet will be placed in a corner or against a wall, and will never in your lifetime need to move it from there, you can opt for an unfinished hidden TV lift cabinet. However, if you want some flexibility and wish to be able to move it to the center of a room, maybe a year later, we’d recommend you buy a finished hidden TV lift cabinet. That way, you will be free to use it as a divider between two spaces, or even place it in the middle of a room. Undoubtedly, the hidden TV lift cabinet placed at the end of the bed needs to be a completely finished one.  
We hope this post helped. Stay tuned for more tips on buying the right hidden TV lift cabinet.