When you walk into a classy hotel, you can get the 'luxury' feel. How about we tell you how to get the same feel at home, without spending as much? Here are some hacks that you can try in the living room, to upgrade the feel of your home:
  1. Cut the clutter- The first thing that impresses us about high-end places is how clean they are. That's something we can implement too, by cutting the clutter, seriously. Tabletops need to be clear of unnecessary things, like keys, mailers, and so on.
  2. Go green-The next obvious thing we notice in luxurious places is the presence of indoor plants and fresh flowers. That's your second tip! Bring in some natural beauty, and watch the luxury quotient go up!
  3. Don't fall for cheap clearance furniture pieces- High-end places have classy furniture. So, avoid buying furniture simply because it is in the clearance section. Buy it if it fits in with your design ideas. Also, you needn't pick up everything high-end to fill your living room. Sometimes just one new classy piece of furniture, like a hidden TV lift cabinet is enough to give the room a luxurious makeover feel. As for the rest of the furniture, you can use upcycling hacks, like maybe painting the floral couches to get a fabulous leathery finish. Also, the hidden TV lift cabinet is available in a range of shades and designs that works well with any decor.
  4. Use wall molding- Many interior designers swear by the elegance wall molding can lend to the walls, if used creatively. Wall molding used vertically can give an expensive paneled look, without you paying as much!
You don't always have to pay a high price for elegance. It's all about strategizing well and using the right hacks at the right spots. Stay tuned for more useful home decor information.