What’s mindful decor? It is the kind of decor that inspires mindfulness. Mindfulness is the ability to be able to pay attention to each moment and live life to the fullest. It is a positive way of life. And the idea behind having mindful decor is to enhance your quality of life. Here are some simple ways to do that:
  1. Declutter your space- Clutter is the biggest stressor; so, the first thing to do is to get rid of all unnecessary things and to keep only the stuff that either brings in positive vibes, gives joy, or has a practical purpose. You could begin decluttering by sorting the wires around your TV. A good solution to that would be buying a hidden TV lift cabinet that can help you organize and put all the wires out of sight.
  2. Invest in multifunctional furniture- Invest in furniture that serves multiple purposes. That way you’ll save room and your space will be comparatively clutter-free. For instance, storage ottomans and hidden TV lift cabinets are great as multifunctional furniture.
  3. Avoid digital gadgets- You can only slow down if you ditch the gadgets. Our phones and TVs are good sources of entertainment, but there needs to be some time off too. If you're too absorbed in your screen, there’s no way you'd be able to ‘live’ the present, because you'd be too oblivious to what's going on around you anyway. So, step away from gadgets and create a gadget-free space. You can even use a hidden TV lift cabinet to put your TV away completely when not in active use.
  4. Bring in the greens- Nature always has a soothing effect on the mind which is why adding some green to the indoors will help freshen things up in a relaxing sort of a way. The closer to nature, the greater peace you’ll be able to find.
  5. Spread some fragrance- Mindfulness has a lot to do with activating the senses. Aromatherapy is an awesome way to pamper your sense of smell. The emphasis is on subtlety and so the fragrance needs to be soothing and gentle, and not overly strong.
  6. Focus on textures- Other than catering to the sense of touch, textures also build character and let you express yourself through your home decor. You can play with texture when it comes to upholstery, curtains, rugs, cushions, and even the grainy texture of wooden furniture, like the hidden TV lift cabinet that comes in a variety of colors and textures
  7. Choose soft over bright- If you intend to soothe your tired nerves, neon colors are the last thing to opt for. You shouldn’t have any walls that jump out at you. Instead, soft pastel finishes work well for mindful decor.
The entire plan is to have a decor that gives you a break from the maddening daily grind. Mindful decor is meant to slow you down, and infuse a sense of calmness so that it's always a pleasure to be back home!