There are some design ideas that are so commonly implemented that you don’t even realize that they are actually mistakes that are limiting the aesthetics of your space.  Check out the 4 most basic mistakes people do:
  • Pushing furniture against the walls- finished backs
Most of us feel that pushing the furniture all the way against the walls makes the space look bigger. Well, the truth is, that it makes the room look rather dull, with a sterile vacuum in the middle! That is absolutely no good! Instead, if you bring the furniture towards the middle of the room, you'll have a more inviting space, one that welcomes conversations.  One quick tip to avoid having to push the furniture to the walls is to have finished backs. That is why we have an entire range of hidden TV lift cabinets that are fully finished. You can place such hidden TV lift cabinets anywhere. The same goes for other pieces of furniture too.
  • Having an inappropriate rug (color and size-wise)
If you thought that the function of the rug is to cover the space between pieces of furniture, you are so wrong! The rug isn't a 'cover-up' accessory, but a 'tie-in' accessory that helps coordinate everything and gives a sense of balance to the room. You can match the color of the rug with say a piece of furniture like the hidden TV lift cabinet, or even the shades on a painting. Also, size-wise, at least half of each couch should be on the rug, instead of just placing the legs on the rug.
  • Hanging artwork too high
Hanging artwork too high makes it float in a way that separates it from the furniture and the rug. The ideal height is around eye level. So, the middle of the artwork should be around 57 inches. The recommendation remains the same for a 42-inch TV, but a larger TV needs to go higher than that, which is why we recommend a hidden TV lift cabinet. A hidden TV lift cabinet gives you the flexibility to adjust the height of the TV without messing up your walls. 
  • Buying complete sets from a furniture store
Getting a complete set from a store isn't a bad idea, but it greatly kills the personal character of the space. Since everything is already coordinated, there's very little scope for adding interest to the room. Of course, you can still install a hidden TV lift cabinet, but that's about it. Instead, buying pieces separately and then bringing them all together makes the space a lot more interesting and full of character.  So, have you fallen for any of these mistakes? If you have, time to fix it all up. Check out our posts for more tips and ideas. Happy home to you!