The decor of a room plays a huge role in determining how big or small it looks.  Here are some tried and tested tips to make your space look bigger:
  1. Light paint
Ditch the darks and embrace the light colors for your walls. The general rule is that the lighter the wall paint, the more open your space looks. The darker the shades on the walls, the more closed and small the space becomes. And it really isn’t hard getting furniture to go along with light walls. You have regular furniture like couches, coffee tables, chairs, and even special high-utility furniture like ottomans and hidden TV lift cabinets available in many colors and textures. So, let there be light! 2. Limit the number of furniture pieces If your space is small, try not to fill it up with too much stuff. Practically speaking, stick to the basic furniture and leave enough space for traffic flow. That means having the regular couches and center table and maybe one multi functional piece of furniture like a hidden TV lift cabinet that will serve as a media center while keeping the wires off your traffic flow paths.  Only if you have a layout that lets people walk around comfortably, will the space be unrestricted and feel open and spacious.  3. Keep floor space (and shelves) as clear as possible Cluttered spaces can cause a riot, particularly in small spaces. Having too many things on shelves and the floor are hard on the eyes because the eyes then dart in all directions. It builds a restless, claustrophobic feel and that is precisely what we do not want! Use storage furniture like ottomans and coffee tables with hidden storage, or a hidden TV lift cabinet to put away things, and yet have easy access to them. If there's unwanted stuff, take the time to de-clutter. You'd be doing yourself a favor! 4. Leave some negative space on the walls Negative space really means empty space. Many of us feel that empty spaces on the walls are a decor shortcoming, but no, the truth is that the negative spaces give a feel of openness and breath ability. It gives the eyes a break from overcrowded walls and adds a bit of calmness to the room. So, don't feel pushed to cover each and every bit of the walls with stuff. Let the walls breathe a bit too. 5. Strategically place mirrors It's common sense that well-lighted (naturally lighted) rooms feel a lot bigger than dark and dingy rooms. So, we recommend using a series of mirrors to reflect the natural light around your room in such a way that the entire space lights up, giving a well-lighted and airy feel.  At the end of the day, it isn’t the square footage of the room that matters as much as the feel of the space. Use these tips to build a decor that simply lets the eye glide across the space uninterrupted.