One question people have when they come to the TVLiftCabinet website is: How do I pick the wood furnish for my cabinet that will best complement my home? Believe it or not, there are actual some common sense tips for choosing the wood finish that’s a perfect fit for your personal style. One thing is certain, wood finishes add texture and dimension to a space. Typically the largest color areas in a room are the floors, walls and ceilings, so they will set the major wood tone for your space. Here are some examples:
  • If you live in a space with very light ceilings and walls, dark furniture can add drama. Imagine this TVLiftCabinet in a Twilight Finish in a space that needs some energy. This particular unit is perfect for the foot-of-the-bed because it’s finished on all sides and can be placed anywhere in a room. The wood finish adds a perfect pop to your room.
  • If you have a space with dark wood floors, look to light to medium wood finishes to provide some contract in your room. TVLiftCabinet has many wood finishing options to help you make the perfect choice every time.
  • Mahogany, oak, maple and cherry hardwoods take rich finishes with depth and shine for a more formal look. Pine, bamboo, cedar and barn wood are more informal, with more natural finishes. Just be sure to pick your finish to complement your overall personal style for your home.
  • Melanie Aves of Demand Media suggests limiting wood finishes to two or three tones. Repeating these tones in your space creates harmony. You could also paint wood furniture to neutralize the effect of a wood finish in a room.
  • She also recommends repeating similar finish tones against a wall and using color to relate walls within your space. That way, your room becomes attractive from every vantage point. It’s all about balance.
One thing is certain, if you’re considering adding a TV Lift Cabinet to your home, you will always find the perfect fit.