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  1. Creating a warm minimalist living room

    Creating a warm minimalist living room
    Minimalism is nice, but also a little sterile. If you really want to enjoy balanced minimalism, the warm minimalist style is the thing for you.  So, how do we create that warm minimalist feel? Here's how: Clutter-free space- Minimalism is all about cutting down on frills and extra stuff.  For the living room, it means lesser artifacts and clutter-free space...
  2. Let’s Talk Wood…Finishes

    Let’s Talk Wood…Finishes
    One question people have when they come to the TVLiftCabinet website is: How do I pick the wood furnish for my cabinet that will best complement my home? Believe it or not, there are actual some common sense tips for choosing the wood finish that’s a perfect fit for your personal style. One thing is certain, wood finishes add texture...
  3. 3 Ways to Custom Design Your Perfect TV Lift Cabinet

    We know one thing for sure: every home is unique. You have a vision for how you want your home to look and feel. Your home. Your way. We get it. So, you scrolled through the hundreds of TVLift cabinet options we have on our website, but you had your heart set on a specific cabinet size for your space...
  4. When one size fits all, doesn’t actually fit – think customization!

    Last summer, my husband and I went shopping for a new refrigerator. We have a rather small kitchen, with a specific space dedicated to the refrigerator. After going to a dozen appliance stores and checking online options, we finally had to special order a refrigerator with the exact specifications. Took far too long for something that should have been really...
  5. It’s Easy To Customize your TVLiftCabinet

    Adding your own special touches to your condo, apartment or house is what makes it your home. Custom paints, stone finishes, cabinets and more await you in every interior design shop and big box store, but it’s sometimes tough to find home furnishings that have exactly what you want to match your personal style. If you’re considering adding a beautiful...

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