Minimalism is nice, but also a little sterile. If you really want to enjoy balanced minimalism, the warm minimalist style is the thing for you. 

So, how do we create that warm minimalist feel? Here's how:

  1. Clutter-free space- Minimalism is all about cutting down on frills and extra stuff.  For the living room, it means lesser artifacts and clutter-free space in general. But, since that can drain the personality out of the living room, we prefer the warm minimalist style. So, you can put away the stuff that really shouldn’t be in the living room, like unread mail, piles of laundry, and anything that seems to litter the place. Then get down to effectively reducing the stuff you have on display. Move from cluttered shelves to shelves that have your stuff but in an organized manner. Have fewer art pieces, but make sure they reflect your personality since that is what ‘warm’ is all about. 
  2. Smart storage solution- Obviously, if you are cutting the clutter, you can get rid of some things, but some things need to stay in the living room. For example, the TV needs to stay, and so do the other gadgets and of course, their wires. Warm minimalism suggests that you leave the TV there but shift to smart storage solutions. One super smart storage solution is the hidden TV lift cabinet. The hidden TV lift cabinet not only makes your TV disappear but also keeps all related gadgets and accessories undercover. Also, the hidden TV lift cabinet has a high utility cord organizer feature. Each hidden TV lift cabinet has built-in cord slots to help keep all the wires from getting entangled or being seen. Similarly, there is enough storage room for all the TV gadgets. So, while everything goes into the cabinet, it is still easily accessible because of the infrared controller on the hidden TV lift cabinet. That’s why you don’t need to open any doors of the cabinet, even to watch TV.  The stuff remains concealed. 
  3. Balance hard lines with texture- Minimalism focuses on clean, well-defined lines. Warm minimalism seeks to soften the hardness by adding a little texture to the decor. This texture can be brought in with the help of cushions, throws, the rug, the curtains, the upholstery, or even through the wood on the cabinet. It all depends on your preferences and how you want to put it all together.  There are also Free Standing and End of Bed Cabinets to think about. Our free-standing and end of bed TV lift cabinets are framed and finished on all four sides, making it easy to fit almost anywhere! If space is at a premium, a free-standing TV lift cabinet is a perfect choice.

There is a lot that you can do to achieve that warm minimalist style. For more home decor ideas and inspiration, check out our other blog posts.