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3 Ways to Custom Design Your Perfect TV Lift Cabinet

We know one thing for sure: every home is unique. You have a vision for how you want your home to look and feel. Your home. Your way. We get it.

So, you scrolled through the hundreds of TVLift cabinet options we have on our website, but you had your heart set on a specific cabinet size for your space and a finishing that perfectly matches your home décor. Some come close to your vision, but nothing is 100% perfect.

We now offer three different ways to help you create the custom designed TV cabinet of your dreams.

  • First – we can create a unit completely from scratch. Simply call our TVLift Cabinet Specialists at 877-377-5435 and tell us what you want. Our architect will draw the cabinet, color render it, and send it to you for approval. You will also be able to choose any wood and eco-friendly, durable finish to match your home décor. You’ll also receive pricing up front, so you’ll know exactly what the unit will cost.
  • Second, we can provide custom sizes on our stock cabinets. Whether you need a slightly smaller unit for a specific space or a larger unit as a room divider, we’ll work with you to assess the best size for your needs. And since you’re starting with a stock cabinet, it will only include a slight upcharge to make the modification.
  • Finally, we can provide custom finishes on any unit. Simply send us a finish swatch or choose from our in stock colors, and we’ll make sure your cabinet arrives with the finish you prefer for your home. We’ll even send you some samples to make sure it matches your preferred style.

Every cabinet is shipped white-glove delivery FREE of charge. Tell us where you want your custom cabinet and pop your big screen TV into place. You’ll be enjoying your new custom-designed cabinet in a matter of minutes. Sometimes you can get everything you want.

Making Your Small Room Feel Bigger

Harbor Rich Tobacco TV Lift

The growth of the market for flat-panel TVs in the last several years is a testament to the fact that many people want to enjoy the benefits of having a large TV, but would prefer not to use the limited space available. In many cases, people will spend the extra cost to get a more compact TV just to maximize the space in their den or living room. Having a large TV, flat panel or otherwise, is a space commitment that is well worth it when watching the Big Game, but the rest of the time, the living room can be cramped.

TV cabinets used to be designed around this problem, especially the fact that most viewers don’t want to have to look at an unsightly box whenever they are not actively watching television. Old TV cabinets were designed to hide the TV as well as to fit in with the décor of the room, and modern cabinets should do the same. Now that full-depth TVs are the exception rather than the rule, TV lift cabinets make much more sense than traditional TV cabinets.

With a motorized TV lift, the amount of space that you are sacrificing to your entertainment items is minimized, making the available space much more open and wide. Handmade TV lift cabinets can be purchased to fit any need or implementation: not only can they match any decoration or theme, they can be adjusted to accommodate any and all different devices or needs. A motorized TV lift provides, above all else, flexibility, giving you more control over the way that you utilize your space and enjoy entertainment.

Our TV lift cabinets come with free delivery, placement, and packaging removal. These cabinets fit TVs from 32” to 60” and include both manual and remote controls. They feature a two-bolt design for your TV that is both simple and secure.

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