Certain trends are evidently out and it is those things that make your home look old. So what dates homes anyway? Here are some things that can make your home look dated:
  1. Huge media consoles- Huge media consoles were a rage, but that was ‘once upon a time’. Now, these consoles only take up room. We somehow had tons of stuff to put on/in those consoles, but ever since de-cluttering became the keyword, those consoles went out of fashion. Today, the focus is on utility, which is why hidden TV lift cabinets have started replacing oversized media consoles. Also, hidden TV lift cabinets do not have any open shelves, but store all the gadgets behind the unit’s closed doors. Obviously, hidden TV lift cabinets score better on gadget safety too, since everything is tucked away safely. Putting all these factors together, it isn’t hard to understand why modern customers prefer hidden TV lift cabinets over elaborate media consoles.
  2. Pink wall paint- As much as we hope you are always in the pink of health, it is certainly not a color that would suit the walls. The trend is more than done. Neutral colors are in. Dark colors sobered down with a generous amount of white is also a good idea, but that does not include pink. It works well for greens and grays. 
  3. Heavy drapes with fringed trims- This sort of window treatment was trending years ago. Today, heavy curtain fabrics are an absolute no. The focus is on minimalism. So, light curtains with no trims or fuss and blinds and shades have replaced the heavy drapery.
  4. Analog thermostat controls- When everything is shifting to digital, why should your thermostat still be stuck in the primitive years? Analog thermostats are cheaper, but it is the digital ones that are more accurate. Digital thermostats also add modernity to your home.
  5. Glass blocks- It was common to have glass blocks in the bathroom so that you got enough natural light in, without compromising on privacy. Now, however, glass blocks have become a trend of the past. With better window treatments, the glass blocks only make your home look dated. A temporary fix could be to use sheer curtains to cover up the glass blocks. 
If you are looking to makeover your home, paying attention to these points will help. Depending on how much time and energy you want to put into the makeover, you could opt for quick fixes like trading the heavy curtains for shades or ordering a hidden TV lift cabinet online. Both these fixes take little effort, are easy to install, and make a big difference in the decor. If you feel up to it, you can go in for new paint too. Find your perfect TV Lift Cabinet or Free Standing & End of Bed TV Lift Cabinet at TVLiftCabinet.com