Any furniture that has these characteristics is modern furniture. You’ll know when you look around your home.

  1. Space-saving- As houses and apartments have become more and more compact in recent years, we are challenged with making the most of the limited space,  unless, of course, you are a billionaire. That's an entirely different story. The space-saving aspect of the furniture dictates just about all the other features of modern furniture, as in the case of hidden TV lift cabinets.
  2. Clean design- Modern furniture has a clean design with simple lines. It is minimalistic, with no frills and no fuss. The focus is on simplicity and not on excessive decoration/ornamentation. Surfaces are smooth and free from unnecessary textures. Our range of hidden TV lift cabinets gives you both modern and traditional models to choose from. 
  3. Functionality- This is the most important aspect of modern furniture. The main reason behind the evolution of modern furniture is its functionality. What works well, serves the purpose well is accepted while stuff that exists only to take up room and is of little use, does not score well on the modernity scales. For instance, a couch with wide armrests takes up a lot of room compared to a couch without over-emphasized armrests. And both seat the same number of people. The advantages of modern furniture are quite obvious. Similarly, a hidden TV lift cabinet takes care of the TV, other media devices, and the wires, all in one compact piece of furniture and so offers high functionality.

There are still many who prefer the traditional design, because design is a matter of individual choice, though of late, people have been moving towards modern tastes.