Ordering stuff online is extremely convenient, but sometimes it backfires terribly. So, how do we avoid the most common pitfalls then?

Here’s a quick checklist:

  1. Get the measurements right- The most obvious problem is receiving the wrong-sized furniture. This is not to say that the shipping company made a mistake, but that the error could be on either side- yours or the seller’s. On your end, you need to make sure that you have a clear idea of how much space you have available. Consider the measurements of the space and the furniture before you place the order. An oversized dining table in a tiny space is a decor disaster. Similarly, when ordering a  hidden TV lift cabinet, make sure you measure your TV the right way.  Also, a petite  hidden TV lift cabinet is a good fit for smaller bedrooms than a large media console. Bottom line: Always refer to the instructions given on the website.
  2. Visualize the look- Do not absent-mindedly order a piece of furniture just because it is on sale or looks good online. No matter how exquisite a piece of furniture is, it may or may not go with the decor of your space. For instance, a traditional  hidden TV lift cabinet will be out of place in a modern living room. (It’s a good thing though, that we offer traditional  hidden TV lift cabinets, modern  hidden TV lift cabinets, indoor  hidden TV lift cabinets, and also outdoor  hidden TV lift cabinets.) If you are unsure about the color or texture of the piece of furniture, request for a color swatch. That is something  TVLiftCabinet can certainly help you with. You can order upto five free large wood color samples to make your selection. We'll help you choose the best hidden TV lift cabinet for your space.
  3. Check the shipping charges- While a piece of furniture can be reasonably priced, be sure to look at the shipping charges right at the beginning. If you go into the details of the furniture and then find out that the delivery will cost you a fortune, you’d just have wasted precious time. So, make sure you check out the shipping cost at the beginning of your furniture search. We at TVLiftCabinet understand that and offer free in-home delivery of all our  hidden TV lift cabinets.
  4. Check the return policy- Some stores offer in-home delivery, but no return policy. Not that we expect people to return their furniture, but having a return policy in place is a strong deciding factor. Such a policy speaks volumes about the store’s professionalism both in terms of product quality and how it values customers. TVLiftCabinet has a return policy in place for all its hidden TV lift cabinets

Though ordering anything online is easy and quick, do not rush into furniture buying. Take your time and consider all these aspects before finally making up your mind. It will make your buy worth it.