Hidden TV lift cabinets and wall mounts are both modern TV placement ideas. Yet, both are very different. Wall mounts have a bunch of problems that you can avoid by simply choosing a hidden TV lift cabinet.

Here are some:

1. The TV mount is not centered- This is a very common problem. No matter how carefully you take the measurements, chances are that you will drill holes in the wrong spots. It isn’t hard to get it right, but it is even easier to get it wrong. Once the holes are drilled, there’s little scope for moving things around and drilling another set of holes for the TV mount! So, though you have your TV up on the wall, you’re going to cringe each time you pass by it, simply because it isn’t centered!

The solution - Ditch the wall mount altogether. Order a  hidden TV lift cabinet, and you won’t need to drill any holes into any wall. Also, with a  hidden TV lift cabinet, you don’t need to center the TV, just push the hidden TV lift cabinet along, and you’re done! The TV moves with the hidden TV lift cabinet.

2. Wrong height- This too is something many people get wrong. Sometimes, the empty space on the wall is just above the fireplace. So, the TV goes there, but what about the viewing angle? A TV that’s too high can make watching TV a pain in the neck, literally. 

The solution- We recommend staying clear of wall mounts. Get a  hidden TV lift cabinet, and enjoy your TV time. A  hidden TV lift cabinet comes with adjustable height and tilt angles. Some hidden TV lift cabinets also have a swivel feature, so you can have your TV just where you want it, without any neck fatigue. 

3. Dangling cables- Many living rooms look nice until you discover the ugly bunch of cables hanging around the TV. That is not supposed to be part of the decor. They need to be put away. So, either you find a pass-through plate, or find an electrician who’ll make the cables disappear from sight. 

Our solution- Get a  hidden TV lift cabinet. A  hidden TV lift cabinet is awesomely built when it comes to organizing cables. All hidden TV lift cabinets have space at the bottom, to let you access the wires, arrange them and place them inside the cabinet. It is super simple, and you don't even need an electrician to do it. 

4. Running power cables inside a wall- If you have a mounted TV, and absolutely decide to hide the wires, you will in all probability, get everything running through the pass-through plate. But here’s the problem- running power cables through that plate and into the wall is totally unsafe. It is a fire and electrical hazard and a home safety violation! You need to use a 'powerbridge' to stay safe. If you are finding all this information muddling, let's keep things simple. 

The solution- hidden TV lift cabinet to the rescue again. Each hidden TV lift cabinet has an onboard power outlet. No cables through the walls, no safety violations, no anxiety.

If you are still confused between a TV wall mount and a hidden TV lift cabinet , read our blog posts to know more about how a hidden TV lift cabinet can be an asset to your home.