Sustainable decor is in, but how hard is it to shift to sustainable decor? 

Let’s check out the cons of sustainable decor:

1. Needs extensive research

Though sustainability is a popular hashtag, it isn’t easy to find what you are looking for. There is a far greater variety available in the regular decor basics and accessories. For example, you can find plastic containers everywhere, but glass containers with eco-friendly bamboo lids are a tad bit harder to find. However, we have changed that with our hidden TV lift cabinets. has so many hidden TV lift cabinet models to choose from that you’re sure to find the hidden TV lift cabinet you are looking for.  

2. Pricing

If you are lucky to find the piece of sustainable home decor that you are looking for, pricing can be an issue. Since a lot goes into ensuring sustainable practices, these items can be a little expensive. For many customers, pricing is the top deciding factor. However, many of these products work out cheaper in the long run. When you buy cheaper products, you need to replace them sooner, and buy yet another piece. However, sustainable products are usually high grade, and they last a lot longer than the regular stuff. A good example is a hidden TV lift cabinet from It is forever furniture and also keeps your TV safe, making it last longer. 

3. Availability

Next comes the issue of availability. Though the number of people switching over to sustainable living is increasing, it still isn't enough to ensure a well-established supply chain of sustainable products. This is when the availability of the product you want becomes an issue. Delivery timelines are not clear and delays are common. We at however, give our customers realistic timelines and honor them too. No wonder 250,000 happy customers vouch for our hidden TV lift cabinets.

On the face of it, each of these disadvantages puts people off. Yet if you analyze it all, sustainable living isn’t as challenging as it sounds.