Here are some quick pointers to help you decide what to buy- a  hidden TV lift cabinet or the regular TV stand:

  • Safety-There have been so many cases of tip-over accidents involving children and a TV, on a stand. The probability of a child being injured or even killed by a TV is a lot higher than we would imagine. So, either you wall mount your TV, buy a brace that anchors your TV, or simply consider a  hidden TV lift cabinet. Unlike a TV stand, the hidden TV lift cabinet keeps the TV concealed, and reduces the screen time, and completely negates the chances of accidents. Also, when the TV is in use, and out of the hidden TV lift cabinet, it is well secured to the mount, that in turn is anchored to the heavy-duty hidden TV lift cabinet. So, a  hidden TV lift cabinet is high on safety ratings, while a TV stand may or may not be, depending on if a security brace has been used or not.


  • Cleaning- A TV stand has the TV out in the open. So, the TV stand and the TV both need maintenance, especially when it comes to keeping dust, grease (if you have an open layout, and there’s no wall between the kitchen and the TV), and dirty little hands off your TV. hidden TV lift cabinet solves all those problems by default. Since the TV won’t be out all the time, there will be limited exposure to anything that dirties a TV. The hidden TV lift cabinet keeps the TV packed inside so you don’t have to worry about cleaning the TV. And, your TV will last longer!


  • Viewing angle- A TV sitting on a stand has very limited display angles. And if you have a TV stand, with a wall mount, you could run into trouble with the placement and the viewing angle of the TV. So, though you have an aesthetic TV stand, and fine decor, watching TV just won’t be fun. hidden TV lift cabinet makes sure that you don’t face any such trouble. The hidden TV lift cabinets come with mounts that have multiple adjustments. You can fix the height, the tilt, and even the direction of the TV according to your needs. Hidden TV lift mechanisms let you turn your TV 360 degrees, so you can watch your favorite shows without having to sit on that one couch lying right in front of the TV. That is how user-friendly a  hidden TV lift cabinet is!

Say no to accidents, no to extra cleaning chores, and get ready to enjoy your hidden TV lift cabinet!