We’ve heard this term so often, but what exactly is sustainable decor?

Sustainable decor is a way of life that helps you and nature sustain each other.

  • Decor that interferes with your health is a no-go.
  • Also, anything that uses up too much of natural resources that cannot be replaced is unsustainable.
  • A third criterion is that sustainable pieces of furniture are biodegradable and don't become a pollutant later.

How does decor interfere with health?
Directly: Very simply, a piece of home decor can emit fumes that are inhaled by you. These fumes trigger a lot of health issues, including hormonal imbalance and asthma.
Indirectly: Whatever waste we add to the environment comes back to us as one environmental issue or another. The pollution caused by plastics gets into the system of animals and eventually gets to us through the food chain.
The overuse of resources like water causes climatic imbalances and natural disasters.

What can we do?
Here are a few things you can do to gradually shift to sustainable home decor.

  • No plastics or synthetics- Try to avoid using plastics and synthetics as much as possible. These substances are known to have high phthalate content with equally high health risks. Plastic chairs shouldn't have a place in your home, nor should toxic wall paints.
  • More natural materials- Prefer natural materials. Using natural materials is not just more sustainable, but also trendy. A wooden hidden TV lift cabinet is way better than a plastic rack to store your gadgets. A hidden TV lift cabinet can not only store your TV but also all the gadgets and still look good, without compromising on the aesthetics.
  • Choose long-lasting items- Sustainability is also about reducing waste. Natural resources are used up in varying degrees, for the production of everything. If furniture and accessories are discarded, you need to buy new stuff. So, you are encouraging the production of that particular thing and when each unit is produced, natural resources are used up. So, we recommend that you buy long-lasting things. A hidden TV lift cabinet from TVLiftCabinet is an example of furniture that holds good for years. Also, you can easily cart a hidden TV lift cabinet to another part of your home as and when required. This versatility keeps things in use for a longer period of time, thus making them sustainable as well.

It is not difficult to shift to a sustainable lifestyle, as long as you make the changes gradually. It'll build your conviction and make sustainable decor more appealing to you.