Tiny houses are charming and challenging at once. There can be major space v/s utility issues. 

Here are some space-saving ideas for tiny houses:

  1. Use cavities in the floor- This is a very straightforward way to create extra storage room in your tiny house. Turn the cavities in the floor into compartments. For instance, you can have an entire set of multipurpose drawers under your bed. Having drawers is also a great way to hide your tire wells while adding the much-required storage. 
  2. Optimize the loft- The overhead space often goes waste. You can create dropdown storage there. It is a great way to store anything, like board games, books, and even sports gear. You can also use the loft to sneak in a TV! You could have a hidden TV lift installed in the loft. The TV can simply drop down whenever you want to watch it. When it isn’t in use, it stays completely out of sight! Either way, it’s off the floor. 
  3. Go multipurpose- Another way to create room is to aim for space optimization. This includes getting multipurpose furniture. For instance,  some tiny homeowners have tables that go flat against the walls. Yet others have convertible furniture that can be used as a seating space as well as a single bed. The hidden TV lift cabinet is also an awesome example of multipurpose furniture. The hidden TV lift cabinet can compactly store the TV, and all the accessories well. You could also get a petite hidden TV lift cabinet to place your TV in a manner that it doesn't get in the way. The petite hidden TV lift cabinet is a slim cabinet that can be placed anywhere. The favorite spot for our customers is at the foot of the bed, to create a sense of partition. 
  4. Strategic partitions- Having partitions gives a more defining look to your tiny home. Depending on the kind of partitions you use, you can also create extra storage. A set of under-the-bed drawers can help you raise the level of the bedroom. That will visually demarcate your bedroom space and give you extra storage.  Similarly, placing a hidden TV lift cabinet strategically will help create a sense of demarcation and keep the TV neatly tucked away. 

Basically, where there is a will and some creativity, you’ll have enough space even in your tiny home. For more ideas and inspiration, read on!