Do you have young ones in your house?  Do you have teenagers in your house?  Do you have husbands who like to watch sports in your house?

If you answered “yes” to any of the above questions, you know what dangers a playing child can present to a large and expensive television.  A bouncing ball, a baseball bat, Nerf gun darts, or just some living room wrestling can threaten to damage your TV.

But you don't want to stop your kids from getting exercise and having fun.  This is especially true when the weather doesn't allow for outdoor playtime.

Import Advantage can help you solve these problems.  With the help of a TV lift cabinet, you can ensure that your television stays safe and you kids stay active.  A TV lift cabinet is a piece of furniture that actually contains a mechanical lift system.

Let's say that the kids want to play in the family room.  You can use a remote control to tell the cabinet to retract the TV.  The TV will slowly descend into the safety of wooden cabinet where it is in no danger of the playing children.  A few hours later, you decide that you'd like to watch your favorite show.  Well then, just use the remote to have the TV come back out of the cabinet.

A TV lift cabinet is simple, safe, and ensures that everyone can have a good time.