If you're considering buying a new television set, you will also need to consider how you are going to have your new TV set displayed. Although several options are available at ImportAdvantage.com to display a TV, one option you may want to consider is a TV stand. A TV stand allows you to display your television, store gaming systems, and your audio/visual equipment.  There is also a built-in vent and fan that is designed to keep your equipment safe and cool.  Our models also have the Infrared technology to allow you to change channels without opening the cabinet doors. Here are some tips to keep in mind while you look for your TV stand. 1) Color – We have a variety of colors available in our TV stand selection.  Make sure to do some browsing to ensure that the TV stand you chose, will fit into your home decor. 2) Size – If you spend the money on a TV stand, you want to make sure that it will actually fit into your house.  Once its in your house, you want to make sure it will fit into the room where you plan on having your TV.  You also want to make sure that the TV stand you select is also large enough to support your brand new TV. 3) Storage Capability – Some models have more storage space than others.  If you only need space for your TV and your DVD player, you won't need as much storage space.  But if you'd also like to try to fit your DVD collection, then you'll need a bigger storage space.  Take some extra time to see which TV stand will have the storage capacity to best suit your needs. Researching to find which TV stand is the perfect fit for your home is important.  Hopefully these tips will help make that process easier.