Can’t decipher all the jargon you find when shopping for a new flat-panel TV? Outlined here are a few pointers to help you decide if a plasma TV or an LCD TV is right for you and your room.

Plasma TVs are known for their warm colors and deep blacks. They excel in rooms with multiple viewers, as people can still see the picture clearly if they are sitting off-axis, or off to the side instead of directly in front of the screen. Plasma flat-screen televisions also work well when the room doesn’t allow much direct light on the TV screen, which means not placing it on an opposite wall to a big picture window unless you have heavy drapes that are capable of blocking out most of the light. Plasma TVs can also be found in large to very large screen sizes, over 42”.

LCD flat-panel TVs are great for smaller screens, which are less than 42”. If you will be watching television in a relatively bright room or mostly during the daytime, an LCD TV might be best for you. Also, LCD TVs usually consume less electricity than plasma TVs of the same size.

Before you head out to purchase your LCD or plasma flat-screen TV, be sure to view and print out our Measurement Guide so you’ll know that whatever you bring home will work with the TV lift cabinet that you want. ImportAdvantage offers TV lift cabinets both for small screens (Notting Hill XS) or large screens (Banyan Creek XL).