Contrast ratio is an important part of the picture quality on your LCD TV. In short, the contrast ratio is the difference between the brightest and darkest elements you can view on your LCD TV screen. The higher the ratio, the broader the viewing spectrum and supposedly the better the picture.

In reality, though, TV manufacturers measure their contrast ratios in various ways, so it is difficult to translate how a specific contrast ratio will look on any particular LCD TV screen. The best way to decide which LCD TV looks best with a given contrast ratio is simply to view the screen with a wide variety of dark and light pictures.

However, contrast ratios do play an important part in picture quality, and they can range from 500:1 (which is what print looks like on a movie theatre screen) or now even 1,000,000:1! Some say the human eye can only process a contrast ratio up to 40,000:1 on a bright sunny day, so having a greater contrast ratio is pointless. Find out for yourself, but don’t let the salesperson sale you on a high contrast ratio alone.

Before you head out to purchase your high-contrast LCD TV, be sure to view and print out our Measurement Guide so you’ll know that whatever you bring home will work with the TV lift cabinet that you want. ImportAdvantage offers TV lift cabinets both for small screens (Notting Hill XS) or large screens (Banyan Creek XL).