After you’ve made your investment in a LCD TV, and perhaps have it displayed on a handcrafted ImportAdvantage pop-up TV lift cabinet, you’ll want to protect your investment by properly caring for your LCD TV. Here are a few tips to make your LCD TV last as long as possible, which could be up to 20 years.

Temperature and humidity are two of the largest factors in lengthening the life of your LCD TV. These highly-sensitive televisions thrive best in temperatures between 68 and 77 degrees. High humidity can harm an LCD television. Take care to not expose it to any excess or accidental moisture. High fluctuations in temperature or humidity can also damage your TV, so maintain an even atmosphere.

Do not forget that LCD TVs are made from glass, so do expose it to any shock, vibration or careless jarring that might disturb the screen or wiring configuration. LCD screens can be scratched easily, so be aware of pets or children that may accidentally harm your LCD screen.

When cleaning your LCD TV, it is recommended that you use IPA (Isoprophyl Alcohol) or Hexane, as Ethyl or Methyl, or other Keytone-type cleaners can harm the LCD’s polarizer.

Lastly, should your LCD finally bite the dust, please dispose of it properly as it does contain a small amount of mercury. And if you need any ideas for recycling your old TV lift cabinet, check out this article.