People like to save money when they shop, and who shouldn’t? But it’s important that these cost-cutting deal-seekers don’t sacrifice important qualities, especially with TV lift cabinets, and end up costing themselves a bundle by buying a bad product.

Thankfully, ImportAdvantage helps people save money by shopping direct from the factory and gives their customers the best pop-up TV cabinets in the industry. It’s a win-win for everyone!

As you begin shopping for your TV lift cabinet, there are some common mistakes people make to cut corners and try to save themselves some cash. Protect yourself and watch out for the following pitfalls.

Don’t buy a noisy TV lift. Some other manufacturers may make claims that their lift mechanism is silent, but our heavy duty lift mechanism is perfectly calibrated so it raises and lowers your flat-screen in ultra-silence.

Don’t try to save too much or you might end up with a Chinese import pop-up cabinet with a poor warranty. Look for one that is crafted right here in the USA.

Don’t shop with an unreliable company. ImportAdvantage has over 30 years of experience building fine furniture, even for clients like Polo Ralph Lauren.

Don’t get more than you need. If you have a big TV, you don’t always have to force yourself into a big TV lift cabinet. ImportAdvantage’s foot of the bed models are slim, space-saving cabinets that work well in smaller rooms, yet can still lift televisions weighing up to 150 pounds.

At ImportAdvantage, we help you avoid all these mistakes because we only offer top-quality, handcrafted TV lift cabinets at the best prices in the industry, so take a moment to check out our full line.