In the U.S., it is estimated that 70 percent of all heavy metals in our landfills comes from discarded electronics, and since TVs are getting cheaper every year, that amount could easily rise. Already, ImportAdvantage has discussed the importance of recycling your old TV lift cabinet by repurposing it or giving it to a shelter or charity. However, the Tel Aviv University is the first to discover that a new nano-technology may be able to “green” the optics used in flat-screen TVs, making them more environmentally friendly. The new technology is a form of biological material that creates light via light-emitting diodes (LED), reducing the need for toxic heavy metals in TV sets. Not only would this new technology be more environmentally-friendly, it could produce a higher quality picture, too, by improving the TV’s resolution. Production of these new TVs is still many years away, as the discovery was just released this past August, but it is an encouraging step in the right direction. ImportAdvantage will be right there, too, ready to showcase your new environmentally-friendly flat-screen TV in a handcrafted TV lift cabinet built from select hardwoods by a team of caring craftsmen.