[caption id="attachment_315" align="alignright" width="275" caption="Biscayne TV Lift Cabinet"]Biscayne TV Lift Cabinet[/caption]

Straightforward and elegantly designed, the Biscayne TV Lift Cabinet from ImportAdvantage offers ample storage space with three drawers and three cabinet doors, which each have two adjustable shelves. The cabinet doors can be solid wood or speaker cloth, depending on your needs. Whichever door covering you have, though, electronics will still work flawlessly thanks to ImportAdvantage’s unique Infrared Relay System.

The IR relay system transmits commands from a remote control and repeats the signal to your enclosed media player. The IR relay system comes preinstalled and requires zero programming.

Another extremely nice feature of the Biscayne TV Lift Cabinet is its ability to hold a flat-panel TV up to 52” wide and weighing up to 130 pounds. The smooth-topped cabinet is built by hand from solid alder and cathedral cherry, and the fittings are brushed nickel.

Clean, simple and elegant – you can’t go wrong with a new Biscayne TV Lift Cabinet for your living room, master bedroom, or anywhere else in your home or office. Check it out today and buy factory-direct from ImportAdvantage.