[caption id="attachment_675" align="alignright" width="275" caption="Crystal Pointe XL TV Lift Cabinet"]Crystal Pointe XL TV Lift Cabinet[/caption]

Hand-built from intricately carved African Mahogany veneer and rooted in classic design and corner pillars, the Crystal Pointe XL TV Lift Cabinet is a pop-up TV cabinet for all styles of home decor – from stately to modern. Inspired from antique European furniture, this TV lift cabinet is grandly scaled and intricately designed.

What really makes the Crystal Pointe XL TV Lift Cabinet unique and versatile is the fact that it is finished on all five exposed sides and its component drawers can be reversed so they open from the front or back. What this allows is that the TV lift cabinet can be positioned in the middle of a room as a divider, or against a wall or at the foot of a bed, while still being able access the TV screen and component drawers. Viewed from any angle, the Crystal Pointe XL TV Lift cabinet is an impressive display of handcrafted hardwood.

This TV lift cabinet is spacious enough to house a TV up to 51” wide and 33” tall, with component drawers measuring 22” wide. The pre-installed and super quiet Uplift 3700 TV lift can raise and lower a TV weighing up to 130 pounds with the touch of a button.

This fine pop-up TV cabinet is a larger representation of the Crystal Pointe (XS) TV Lift Cabinet, of which there is only one left and it is discounted to $1,799. And in order to take advantage of this offer, be the first to call 877-377-5435.

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