Most reports for the 2010 holiday shopping season indicate it was an improvement over recent years, and last week’s big news about social media giant, Facebook’s, $50 billion valuation may seem to point to a connection between social networking and shopping. However, a survey by ForSee Results found that not as many consumers as expected used their “friends” or a company’s “tweets” to make a purchase decision.

Of course, even factory-direct TV lift cabinet manufacturer, ImportAdvantage, has its own Facebook page, but with how widespread social and corporate networking has been throughout 2010, it would seem that consumers would be hard-pressed to avoid its influence. The survey by ForSee Results received 10,000 responses from various consumers between November 29 and December 15, 2010. The survey showed that only 5% of online holiday shoppers were primarily influenced to visit top retailer sites by social media channels (i.e. Facebook, Twitter, etc.). However, 19% of consumers were prompted by promotional emails and 8% were driven by search engine results.

So what does this do for retailers’ websites? Maybe not much. The survey also showed that the web is still an important place to do research before buying and that mobile web access is very important to shoppers. Fourteen percent of shoppers say they used their phones to access the website or a mobile app of a major retailer during the holiday season, but only 2% bought something over their phones.

Overall, almost half of shoppers who responded to the survey said they access a company’s website to research a product they intend on buying, but not necessarily go there to buy it. In fact, one-fifth of shoppers who first research a product online go to a brick-and-mortar store to actually make the purchase.

As an aside to the survey, ForSee Results also uncovered which of the major retailers’ websites scored highest and lowest for customer satisfaction. At the top, tied for first were and At the bottom, and tied for last place with six other retailers, including,, and

ImportAdvantage is proud to offer both a dynamic online shopping opportunity, complete with high-resolution product photos and descriptions, and honest customer reviews. However, for the one-fifth of shoppers who still want to visit a website first and then buy at a brick-and-mortar store, ImportAdvantage TV lift cabinets can be found in showrooms around the country. Call us today to find if there’s one near you! 1-877-377-5435.