Welcome in to Elizabeth’s St. Petersburg home!  Elizabeth chose our Craftsman TV lift cabinet for her house.  She enjoys collecting art and pottery and found our Craftsman TV lift cabinet the perfect solution for displaying her art while at the same time concealing her flat screen TV.  Elizabeth opted to switch out the wood panel and insert speaker cloth for maximum sound quality.  The speaker cloth is included with the Craftsman TV lift cabinet for those who wish to switch out the panels as Elizabeth has done. “I'd love to share my story and photo. I refused to get a large flat-screen TV because I didn't want it sitting in my living room all of the time. We have a lot of art and nice furniture, so the lift cabinet was the perfect compromise. We can have the large television AND the beautiful piece of furniture all in the same room.  I was even able to purchase a new piece of pottery that fits beautifully on top of the cabinet, even when the TV is up. Thanks for solving our problem, TVLiftCabinet.com!” Thanks Elizabeth for sharing your home photo and experience.  If you like reading our customer spotlights and like Elizabeth’s home, hit the “Like” button.