Over the past several months, executives at Sony have found themselves in hot water over a series of security breaches in its PlayStation network. While very popular for their flat panel TVs in TV lift cabinets, Sony is also a gaming giant. In April, a severe security breach allowed hackers to obtain personal and credit card information for millions of Sony users. Despite the massive blow to their reputation, Sony CEO Howard Stringer remained positive at the recent shareholders’ meeting. Boasting that approximately 90% of users have returned to the service, Stringer told the crowd that brand perception is improving. According to Yahoo News, the attack cost Sony nearly $173 million. Sony’s service gradually reconnected in May, offering users a ‘Welcome Back’ package and a $1 million identity theft insurance policy for the next year. Stringer expressed concern that he felt that the breach was an attack on Sony’s intellectual property. His words suggest that the attack may have been carried out in possible retaliation to past legal battles with hackers. Security was obviously a hot topic and it was discussed how a completely secure network is impossible in today’s day and age. Nobody’s network is 100% safe from attacks. Regardless, Sony appears to be committed to protecting users and ensuring the network is as secure as possible.